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Charles Lubbe, Spike Day -

No matter how strict you are the chances of you eating based on old habits and likes is more common than you may think. The attrition rate for folks trying to stay on very low carbs for an extended period of time is very high. So why would one want  to expose yourself to the risk of cravings and regular cheating?

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Charles Lubbe, low carb ultra distance -

Using Low carb as a fueling choice for high intensity and endurance events.

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Circadian rythym -

Our bodies have metabolisms that run on a 24 hour clock. (circadian) During that time the body must do a variety of functions such as excreting digestive juices, actually digesting, resting, repairing, expressing genes and communicating down to the cellular and molecular levels. It is an well-organized and very important business. In our brains behind our eyes is the Master clock named the SCN who runs all the clocks in our body.

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